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What are your fees?

The Corporate Impact Index and our consulting fees are charged on a per-project basis. Our fees are based upon the size and complexity of an organization. 

Tell me more about the donation piece of your fee structure?

We believe that Impact Studies should be in all universities and communities because they promote eradicating poverty through normal business practices. The College of Charleston is a pioneer in embedding Impact Entrepreneurship, Impact Investing, Impact Management, and Impact Measurement as accredited classes. Our Founder was instrumental in designing and helping teach the classes, and also privately funds the Rebecca and Stuart Williams Impact Scholars Program at CofC. We provide our clients with the opportunity to directly donate 15% of our fees to the School of Business at the College of Charleston. All donations go to expand Impact Studies within the school, while also developing partnerships to teach other universities and even high schools to do the same thing. All of our clients are invited to come to the College to witness this work in person.

Is there a charge to take the Corporate Impact Index survey?

There is a fee to undergo the Corporate Impact Index process, based upon the size of the organization. We will work with you throughout the survey process. 15% of the fee is donated directly to the Charleston of Charleston to support the Impact Studies Program paid directly by your company as a charitable donation. 50% of all fees paid will be applied toward business consulting should you choose to move forward.

Is the Corporate Impact Index survey proprietary of In Place Impact?

Yes. It was created exclusively for In Place Impact clients to determine a Impact Score comparing their business practices to best case practices.

How long does a project last?

It depends upon the size of the organization and the initial Impact Index Score. In general, projects for small to mid size organizations with high scores can last between 1 and 3 months. While projects for larger organizations with lower initial Corporate Impact Index scores can take between 6 months and a year.  

Once a consulting project is complete, In Place Impact also offers ongoing audit services, and can serve as the in-house Corporate Social Responsibility function for the company on an ongoing basis.

Can I build the cost of your Impact Leadership Courses into my project based fee?

Yes, you can combine your Corporate Impact Index and business consulting fees with your registration for Impact Leadership Course, but you will still need to register your participants at www.impactleadership.io

Can our organization participate in your Poverty Eradication work?

Yes, we invite you to participate in our efforts to embed impact economics into our most vulnerable communities to ultimately provide a pathway for the elimination of poverty. Please contact Sandy Morckel at 614.306.8856 or sandy@ipicharleston.com for more info on how you can get involved.

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