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Making Charleston Economically, Socially, and Environmentally Sustainable 
for All of Its Residents 

Because Charleston is the global headquarters for In Place Impact, we want to make sure it becomes the global exemplar of how business and economics can be used to build communities that are socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable for all residents. 

Below are some of the ways we use our free cash flows and personal time to achieve our purpose.

Impact Studies at The College of Charleston

​In order to expand Impact Studies at The College of Charleston and within our community, we ask our clients to donate (tax deductible) 20% of our fee directly to the College of Charleston Foundation. 

During our 4 year association with the school, we have achieved the following:

  • Designed, help fund, and help teach an accredited (6 credits) Impact Entrepreneurship and Investing class at The School of Business, College of Charleston 

  • Designed, funded, and teach a free Community Impact Entrepreneurship Class​ that over 400 residents have taken.

  • Started a free Impact Incubator for Impact Entrepreneurs

  • Designed an undergraduate major in Impact Studies (Investing, Entrepreneurship, Management and Measurement)

  • Designed a concentration in Impact for the MBA program

  • Our founder is the Impact Expert in Residence at The College of Charleston

  • Founded an Endowment at The School of Business, College of Charleston to launch a Center of Impact Studies 

  • Taken Impact focused students to speak at the United Nations (during UN Week)

  • Designed the annual Charleston Impact Day conference and donated it to The School of Business at The College of Charleston. The first event was completely sold out (400 people)

  • Our founder started the Rebecca & Stuart Williams Impact Scholars program at the School of Business, College of Charleston

Rebecca and Stuart Williams Impact Scholars
Free Community Impact Entrepreneurship Classes
Charleston's Only Free

Start Up Boot Camp for Impact Entrepreneurs

Wednesday's 7 - 8:30pm 
School of Business College of Charleston, 5 Liberty Street, Charleston

Impact Entrepreneurs build for profit businesses that are purposed to solve social, economic, and or environmental problems. In Place Impact runs totally free, 12-week class, purposed to provide participants with the knowledge, information, tools, context, and contacts required to build, launch and scale community based, impact focused companies. 

Expert tutors guide participants through everything they need to know turn their innovative impact-focused ideas into a for profit business. 
Participants learn how to:
  • Validate ideas through proof of concept methodologies
  • Identify and find early adopters
  • Create a brand
  • Design, launch and measure cause marketing and branding campaigns
  • Design a company to scale
  • Manage a business
  • Put together and present professional pitch decks

Plus a great deal more. 

Participants come with an idea, a notebook and pen, and a passion and purpose. They leave with a completed Impact Canvass, a business plan, and a set of business financials.

The class is run 3 times each year, and already, over 400 people have taken advantage of this free opportunity, including over half from disenfranchised communities. The innovations and businesses that have already been created are remarkable. Once a class is completed, participants have the option to migrate in to In Place Impact's free Impact Incubator.

Participants must have innovations purposed to make a social, economic, and or environmental impact.
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A Free Impact Incubator and Accelerator
In Place Impact runs Charleston's only free Impact Incubator and Accelerator. Solely for Impact Entrepreneurs, our incubator provides start-up companies with the knowledge, information, tools, expert contacts, and businesses expertise they need to build their businesses. In Place Impact's global consultants have expertise in:
  • Proof of concept

  • Cause marketing and brand management

  • Financial and legal structuring

  • Intellectual property

  • Business plan development

  • Channel marketing

  • Technology development and deployment

  • Scaling

  • Capital raising

  • Financial projections

  • Team building

  • Building an impact centric company

  • Professional services in Charleston

  • Global Impact Investors

  • CofC Impact Interns

  • Impact business experts from all disciplines

  • Impact Investing Funds (local, national, and global)

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Impact Talent and Job Opportunities
By teaching Impact Studies, mentoring Impact focused MBA candidates, and running the Rebecca & Stuart Williams Impact Scholars Program at The College of Charleston, we are blessed to work with incredible students. Each student we work with is purposed to Make A Profit While Making A Difference. 

If you are a Charleston County based company, and you wish to hire (full time or internships) remarkable students who are purposed to make the highest possible financial returns while also making the most positive social and environmental impact, you have arrived at the right place.

All of the students we work with fully understand that over the next 50 years, the world's highest and most sustainable corporate profits will be delivered by leaders who embrace the growing corporate strategy of Profit & Purpose. Furthermore, they know that the world's greatest accumulation of wealth will be built by people who innovate solutions for the social and environmental problems faced by humanity.

These students have the knowledge, information, tools, contacts, and the passion and purpose to help any corporation pursue a mandate of profit and purpose.

If you are in the market for hiring today's best and brightest students, simply contact us through this site, and we will find you the amazing talent you are looking for. This is a free service. 
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IPI Scholarships in South Carolina
In Place Impact, provides the opportunity for qualified people to receive scholarships to start their own Owner Operator business in South Carolina. 
IPI Scholarships
Poverty Eradication Using Impact Economics

Our purpose is to make business and economics the catalysts for eradicating poverty. This is why we give so much back in the areas we do, and why, In Place Impact has been set up the way it is. 

The Impact Ecosystem Economists and Architects at In Place Impact, are global experts in the design (or redesign) of impact focused ecosystems purposed to drive predetermined positive returns for all of their stakeholders.


Impact Economics is a design that incorporates every stakeholder within a community, ecosystem, or culture. 


Using the thesis of “Making A Profit While Making A Difference” as its core, Impact Economics leverages Impact Entrepreneurship, Impact Investing, Impact Management, Impact Measurement, and Impact Community Enterprise Zones, to create new paradigms of circular economies that are helping Charleston become socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. Impact Economics also embeds social change architecture and sustainability to create environments where social, racial, economic and environmental justice become standard achievements.


Cumulatively, the global consultants at In Place Impact have been working on such a design for more than 50 years, and on 5 continents. Between 2010 and 2013, In Place Impact piloted a program designed for the country of Paraguay. In 2015, 2016, and again in 2018, The World Economic Forum voted Paraguay as the "most positive country in the world".  


Each summer, In Place Impact holds a free retreat at the College of Charleston for anyone wishing to learn more about Impact Economics. To apply to attend Impact Economics 2019, simply use the button below, and put Impact Economics 2019 in the subject line to start the journey to making your community socially, economically and environmentally sustainable for all of its stakeholders. 


Impact Economics - growing and fortifying communities against the debilitating effects of social, environmental, and economic disparity.

Impact Economics
Impact Culture and Shared Values

In Place Impact is a community of people and a network of  consultants who wish to help people innovate solutions for the social and environmental problems we face today. Through our corporate citizenship, and the use of Ethical Community Economics, we strive to make a difference both through what we do as a company and how we serve as individual people, personally and professionally.

To work at In Place Impact, our Impacters must sign the following pledge:

1. I will be a good person

2. I will always treat others the way I wish to be treated

3. I will always get A for effort

4. When I am able, I will do the same for someone else one day

In summary, there is no right way to do the wrong thing. That is why for us, it is all about "Making A Profit, While Making A Difference".