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We are the world's leading group of consultants helping companies embrace the next generation leadership and management methodology known as Profit & Purpose. Our founder co-authored the original thesis on "Making A Profit While Making A Difference" in 1993, today, titans of industry such as Larry Fink have embraced this leadership and management methodology. Read Mr. Fink's 2018 "Letter to CEO's". 

Branding, Cause Marketing and PR

Aligning your brand to better reflect a more conscious company culture will be key to maximizing profits and impact.  We provide expert advice on branding and how to use cause marketing and public relations to tell your story to ultimately increase revenues, client/customer adoption and retention rates. 

Profit and Purpose Focused Cultures

If you choose not to adopt an Impact focused culture, it is likely that you will either not be able to hire the best and brightest talent, or, you may end up with employee turnover rates that are higher than desired. 

Our Impact Ecosystem Architects are experts in the design and implementation of Impact Cultures, purposed to increase productivity, attract the best talent, and reduce employee turnover. 

Talent Acquisition

Because we have been at the forefront of Profit & Purpose for 25 years, we enjoy a large global network of incredibly talented people who know how to help organizations reach the next level. With our involvement at the College of Charleston School of Business, we enjoy working with some of the best and brightest students, including the Rebecca and Stuart Williams Impact Scholars

We can help you find the right talent for your organization, whether here in Charleston, or anywhere else in the world. 

Outsourcing Corporate Social Responsibility

IPI Charleston allows any organization to outsource the role and function of a Corporate Social Responsibility Officer (Or Chief Purpose Officer), providing total flexibility of the cost and time required to have a global expert on Profit and Purpose on their team. Corporate Social Responsibility Officers are responsible for infusing Purpose into a company's culture so that building trust in society and solving important problems become a core business strategy. The strategy is then used to so drive how the company engages clients and other external stakeholders for greater profit and impact.


IPI Charleston uses In Place Impact's unique and proprietary Organizational Impact Index to accredited companies as being "best in class" when it comes to the adoption of the Profit and Purpose Leadership and Management methodology. 


Corporate sustainability is an approach aiming to create long-term stakeholder value through the implementation of a business strategy that focuses on the ethical, social, environmental, cultural, and economic dimensions of doing business. IPI Charleston can design, manage, and measure an entire sustainability program for your organization.