• Driven by Curiosity


Driven by Curiosity, We Stand At The Forefront of The 
​Emergent Global Impact Economy

At In Place Impact, we are as curious as we are passionate about bettering the status quo. Our client/consultant collaborations stem from active and curious minds, that color outside the lines, and never have to think outside of the box, as we do not live in one. 

We are working through a change of an Era, in which the profit-apart-from-purpose mentality gives way to an integrated, purposeful, and profit-making paradigm. We stand at the precipice of this transition, which means there is tremendously untapped potential. When you align with our expert consultants, you not only position yourself to make maximum and sustainable profit but to emerge at the forefront of America's Impact Economy.

We literally wrote the book on Impact Economics. Our consultants have decades of combined experience in building business around impact strategy. We've built Fortune 500 companies and created billions in realized shareholder value; which is only to say, we've walked many a mile in your shoes.

We work not only within corporations but within cities, neighborhoods, towns, and for that matter entire countries. When you join forces with In Place Impact, you'll meet those that will help you realize your potential. 

Through Childlike Eyes

In caring about the future that our children will inherit, it is incumbent upon us to look at the world through their eyes. We are curious, we challenge the status quo, we explore new horizons, and we take on new projects with the kind of audacity that only a combination of youth and experience can provide. 

We have designed new paradigms of circular Impact Economies that can, and are eradicating poverty, and we believe in a top-down, middle-out, and bottom up approach to innovative problem solving, ensuring that all stakeholders are included in the journey. 

As a team we are not bashful about turning down projects that do not fit the model of making as much money as you can:

A. Not at the expense of any segment of humanity and or the planet

B. By deliberately driving positive Impact for any segment/s of humanity and or the planet. 

We must stop stealing from the future, to pay for the mistakes of the past. 


Sandy is an accomplished community leader who has raised over $50 million to make a difference in the communities she has lived. Sandy became a Certified Impact Economics Consultant in 2019, and assumed the role of CEO of In Place Impact Charleston, a business consulting firm dedicated to creating a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable future. Sandy believes the world's greatest accumulation of wealth will be built by people who innovate for-profit solutions for the social and environmental problems we face today. She also serves as President of Solutions for the Greater Good, a nonprofit consulting firm.

Sandy serves as a model for civic engagement. In 1999, she was recognized as a Business First “Forty Under 40” Honoree in Columbus, Ohio in recognition for her professional achievements and charitable and civic involvement. A Rotarian since 1993, Sandy currently serves as President of the Historic Rotary Club of Charleston during their 100th anniversary year in 2019/2020.  She has been a 28-year member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, serving as President of the Central Ohio Chapter, and a member of the Lowcountry Chapter.  She is a founding member of the TEDxCharleston Steering Committee, board member of Save More Kids, special advisor to The Sophia Institute and a founding member of the Leadership Team for Social Justice Racial Equity Collaborative. Sandy is married to Craig Gangloff and lives in Mt. Pleasant, SC.


An accomplished administrator and consultant, Frank Sonntag has been described as a “consummate professional who can lead any organization while creating a time of extraordinary opportunity.” Frank possesses a broad perspective honed over decades as a leader in the nonprofit cultural arena. His managerial expertise provides a firm foundation for developing and implementing sustainable growth strategies vital to building organizational capacity. 

Relocating from Chicago to Charleston, Frank became a Certified Impact Economic Consultant in 2019, and serves as President of In Place Impact Charleston. Sonntag holds a Master of Arts degree in Arts Administration from the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati.  Sonntag is a classical pianist and harbors life-long interests in the creation of vital cities, urban planning, matters of design and the built environment as well as historic and architectural preservation. 

Our Founder

Stuart Williams is one of the world's leading experts on Impact Leadership. Having co-authored the original thesis on "Making A Profit While Making A Difference", Stuart works with global Heads of State, C-Suite leadership Teams, and the world's wealthiest families. 

Stuart is the Impact Expert in Residence at the College of Charleston, and a Board Member of multiple organizations including The Be. Earth Foundation - a United Nations IGO. 

Stuart has been responsible for delivering over $800m in realized shareholder value for the companies he started, and or has helped guide as an executive. To learn more about Stuart, visit www.swilliamsllc.com

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