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Together we are consultants dedicated to purpose-driven organizations, nonprofit and for-profit. We create, transform, and engage to provide the insight and strategy needed for meaningful change. 

We believe that collaboration is essential for social innovation. When humans collaborate we are more creative, less constricted, and more adaptive. We like to work to make connections, cross-pollinate ideas, and develop collective knowledge. It's not easy, that's why we partner with only the best to create strategies that can transform organizations.

BarnaCo. brings together Stephanie Barna and Jessica Boylston for a venture that is more than a marketing or branding agency. We are advocates of human-centered design. We are changemakers and connectors.

We believe that for-profit companies along with nonprofits have a role to play in changing the world for the better. We guide businesses in creating opportunities that benefit communities and in turn their bottom line. And we work with nonprofits to transform their message to create strong engagement with their communities. We turn ideas into action. To learn more, visit


Stephanie Barna, Partner:  843.209.3736  /

Jessica Boylston, Partner:  917.586.0784  /

Focused on non-profit clients and public-private partnerships, Solutions for the Greater Good has more than three decades of experience building capacity, raising funds, and innovating along the way. Specializing in strategic planning, Case for Support creation, board development, leadership training and comprehensive campaign management. With experienced consultants Jessica Boylston, Sandy Morckel and Frank Sonntag, we can help your nonprofit organization realize their great vision backed by a sound plan. To learn, visit

Sandy Morckel, President:  614.306.8856  / 

Frank Sonntag, Partner:  917.701.2581  / 

Jessica Boylston, Senior Consultant:  917.586.0784  /

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