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Why In Place Impact Charleston?

Because we are pioneers in this groundbreaking shift to inclusive capitalism, and we are locally embedded with our fingers on the pulse of our community. 

Headquartered in Charleston, we are the global leaders in Corporate Profit and Purpose, and the only consulting firm in Charleston that uses business and economics to naturally help our community become economically, socially, and environmentally viable for all of our residents. 

We literally wrote the book on Corporate Profit and Purpose, and our consultants have decades of combined experience in building businesses around the strategy of using purpose to build enhanced profits and equity values. They have helped build and lead Fortune 500 Companies, and created billions of dollars in realized shareholder value, which is only to say, we've walked many a mile in your shoes. 

We work with business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, start-ups, cities, universities, neighborhoods, towns, politicians, students and community residents. When you join forces with In Place Impact, you'll meet the people that you need to know in order to realize your organizations potential. 

When you work with us, you help our entire community of Charleston because your fees stay in our community, and we are the only firm that donates its time and money to do the following:

    • Create, Help Fund, and Help Run Impact Studies at The College of Charleston
    • Create, Fund and Teach Impact Entrepreneurship Classes for ALL Charleston Residents
    • Help Impact Entrepreneurs in Charleston Innovate, and Build & Scale For Profit, Impact Focused Businesses
    • Use Business and Economics to help Eradicate Poverty in specific community segments within Charleston County

Our fees are often 40% less than national consulting firms. And even with that, we request that you deduct 20% from our invoice so that you can make a direct donation to the College of Charleston, specifically to expand Impact Studies in the School of Business, and in our community. In short, you pay less, get more, while at the same time helping Charleston become economically, socially, and environmentally viable for all. 

As a network, In Place Impact is transforming the global consulting industry in a manner that will allow business and economics to eradicate poverty. Our Impact is "In Place". 

We Lead the World in Impact Ecosystem Architecture

Our experts have addressed, consulted too, and worked with the United Nations, Heads of State, Fortune 500 CEO's, and Private Family Offices. Using the Investment, Management, Entrepreneurship, and Measurement pillars of Impact, we initiate results in terms of revenue, profit, client and employee retention that speak for themselves. 


Because in today's purpose = profit global economy, the design, development, management and communication of an organization's Impact Culture is not only ideal, it's imperative.

Our Corporate Impact Index

Prior to any consulting agreement, In Place Impact Charleston will work with your organization to complete the unique "Corporate Impact Index". The index provides an organization with a benchmark for it's current impact on:

  • Maximizing top line, gross margin, and bottom line results
  • Current brand equity and values 
  • It's community and the environment
  • Current employee and customer retention rates
  • Effectiveness of any cause marketing campaigns
  • Fostering an Impact focused corporate culture

Plus a great deal more. 

The results of the index will be privately shared with each participant, then used to tailor certain segments of the retreat for maximum individual impact. 

Top Line Revenues

Setting an impact culture within an organization has been proven to help increase top line revenues.

Bottom Line Results

The future's highest and most sustainable corporate profits will be delivered by companies that embrace impact focused cultures and business practices.

Customer Retention

Customer retention rates are known to increase when a business incorporates impact focused cultures and business practices.

Employee Turnover

Impact cultures result in a company's ability to hire and retain the best and brightest talent.

Cause Marketing and Branding

Cause branding and marketing campaigns are proven to generate higher ROI's than any other marketing/branding method.

Customer Acquisition

Customers and clients want to do business with companies that are the platinum standard of how they manage human, financial, and environmental resources they need to run their organizations.

We Are Your Outsource Solution

You can outsource your CSR/Corporate Citizenship role to us.

Because We Give Back to Charleston

In Place Impact gives back in numerous ways. Read more about the difference we make.

What People Are Saying - Testimonials

“Stuart Williams ‎is one of the most remarkable people it has ever been my privilege to meet. His uniqueness is his ability to function on all the different levels of Corporate affairs. From vision to strategy from tactics to operation Stuart is "at home". If you have an opportunity to get Stuart to join your team just grab it. And by the way unlike all other reference replies I have written I am happy to provide the information given above with responsibility. What more can I say.”

Lawrence Bloom, Secretary General, Be Earth Foundation, A United Nations, IGO

"I was incredibly lucky to have Stuart as a mentor while I was an MBA student at the College of Charleston School of Business. I was immediately drawn in by Stuart’s innate charisma and incredible public speaking ability.

Stuart mentored me not only academically, as he is fiercely knowledgeable and experienced in finance and valuation, but he helped me connect with the deeper issues of humanity. He got me to ask the bigger questions about how the business decisions I make today effect the world, and how deeply interconnected business and social issues are.

I will forever be grateful for Stuart’s presence in my life. He is one of the most brilliant, talented individuals I have ever met and I am so fortunate to have him as a mentor".
Kelly Muxworthy, Bain Capital

"Stuart and his team are masters at Impact Leadership and they delivers beneficial, bottom-line results regardless of the difficulty of the business environment. You want them "in your foxhole" as they will always do the right thing the best way possible to "get the job done."


The consummate professionals, they can be counted on to be truthful and accurate, while having the most fun possible".

Nathan Mobley, III, President, Andover Partners

"Stuart Williams has been a voice for change and the disruption of the status quo of the capital markets for well over 20 years. I have found myself a student of his writings, an investor in his businesses and a disciple of his teachings for over 10 years myself. His dedication to the disruption and disintermediation of the impact space is wide spread and his most recent role as impact entrepreneur in residence at the College of Charleston underscores his latest chapter of giving back and educating the next generation of social entrepreneurs.

I am honored to call him a colleague and privileged to call him a friend. His experience in the space and ability to act as a catalyst for convenings is matched only by his vision and willingness to support his community and the next generation. I am an enthusiastic supporter of all of his undertakings personally and professionally."
Jason Britton, Chief Investment Officer & Head Quantitative Thematic Manager, Reflection Analytics

"I have worked with Stuart and his team in different capacities at various companies in the past. They are driven executives committed to excellence in their pursuits. As the Founder, Stuart is a thought-leader and an expert in business execution. Simply stated, he finds a way to make things work.  I recommend anyone interested in the impact space to consult with Stuart as a founder and a leader in the industry".
Art Condodina, Private Investor

"Stuart Williams is one of the most passionate and dedicated individuals I have met who has selflessly dedicated himself to helping others develop business concepts that also benefit humanity and the environment. His ceaseless work ethic and depth of knowledge is truly inspiring".
Ian Sanchez, Founder, Grow Purpose

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